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Supporting farmers across the UK.

Meet the founders



Oli has been brought up on farming and has been immersed in rural life since he was born. Having spent a large amount of time around livestock, he has an intimate understanding of their behaviour and a real passion for animal welfare.

Working in business consultancy for the majority of his career with a focus on diversification, he’s gained a firm grasp on identifying and solving problems that actually exist!

Oli currently lives in the North Cotswolds and is the caretaker to three excitable hounds that keep him fit and exhausted at the same time.



Having worked at some of the country’s finest estates and houses, Monty’s relationship with how rural businesses work and how animals behave is strong.

On graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Monty commissioned into the British Army, working in a number of security and intelligence roles before then doing a stint in the City, where he quickly realised urban life was not for him.

Animal welfare and security are two areas Monty is passionate about.  Having worked as a Stockman in Somerset, he understands just how easy it is for things to go wrong, despite your best efforts!

Monty lives in the North Cotswolds and is the owner of a sleepy lurcher with a penchant for sofas.

How it all started

STOCKWATCH was founded with the goal of providing additional peace of mind to livestock owners.

It all began when the founders, Oli & Monty, realised that there must be an affordable way to alert owners when someone noticed something wasn’t quite right with their animals.  And that’s what spurred them on to design and build a platform which solved the problem 1,000s of owners face each day.

With Oli & Monty being raised in the countryside and gaining valuable experience working on farms, each have an intimate understanding of what can go wrong when your back is turned.

Working in the tech and media industries, Oli and Monty pulled together their skills to develop STOCKWATCH, the UK’s only single point of contact helping provide peace of mind to owners.

Why consider using STOCKWATCH

  • STOCKWATCH helps provide additional oversight of your livestock
  • You’re covered 24/7 with UK based support
  • Founded by people who understand livestock and animal behaviour
  • People know how to get in touch with you quickly should they spot something untoward